David Owen’s Speech

I have always believed that when it comes down to it, people will vote in the Referendum on a single issue – the issue that is most important to them.  Staying in or leaving might affect so many issues – housing, jobs, environment, trade, economy, regulation, liberty, independence, identity, security, etc – that it is nigh on impossible for anyone to weigh up all that might happen (or not) and decide on balance how to vote.  I have made it clear in my opening blog (“A Greener Country?”) that for me the environment is the key issue and on that basis a Leave vote is essential to preserve some semblance of a quality of life.  But others will have different priorities.  The speech by David Owen is a rational and calm appraisal of the major political issues at stake and deserves much wider reporting than it has received hitherto (the BBC preferring to give publicity to the views of visiting Americans and French who obviously have our interests at heart).

So take a little time and listen to David Owen who as most of you will know is a former Foreign Secretary and was always supportive of the European Economic Community in which we voted to remain in 1975.  But I must add that even then I voted to Leave because I had studied the development of the Community since the mid-fifties, understood the longer term political objective, and had cottoned on to its undemocratic nature.  Even then, the Eurocats (sic) were taking the cream.